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Keys To The New Place

The Buying Process

Your Dream Home Awaits

From property hunting and price negotiations to mortgage offers and legal paperwork, We’ll help you with everything involved in buying or renting a new property. Your dream home or office is waiting and we can’t wait to help you find it. Get in touch to find out how to get the process started. We´re looking forward to helping you on this exciting new journey.


720 N Monroe St



2001 Briant St


How Much House Can You Afford?

When diving into the world of home buying, one of the first questions that pop up is: "How much mortgage payment can I actually afford?" It's a critical question...

Home Inspection Shockers

So, you're on the journey to becoming a homeowner? It's thrilling but, let's face it, it can also crank up the stress levels. The home inspection stage is a classic example. Meant to ease your worries, it often ends up doing the opposite, bombarding you with reports, checklists, photos, and all the nitty-gritty details the inspector and the seller...

Unlock Your Dream Home For Just $500!

Think owning a home is out of reach? What if I told you that your dream home could be yours for less than the cost of a new smartphone? Yes, you read that right. With a little know-how...

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