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How We Market
Your Home

Hey there! Let's dive into how we get your San Angelo home out there and make sure it's seen by just about everyone on the hunt for their dream space. It's like setting the stage for your home's grand debut, and we've got a few tricks up our sleeves to make sure it gets the spotlight it deserves.

1. First Stop: The Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Think of the MLS as the central hub and list for homes on the market. The moment you decide to list with us, we will get your home up there with some snazzy photos and all the juicy details to make sure it pops. It's like your home's personal ad, and we're all about making it look irresistible.

2. Online Is Where It's At

Our website is the hot spot for all our listings, featuring your property under the Featured Listings. But we don't stop there – your home struts its stuff on all the local sites that tap into the MLS, too. With over 80% of home shoppers starting their search online, we're on top of making your listing shine with the coolest tools, like Active Maps and alerts that keep buyers coming back for more.

Luxury House

3. Signs & Flyers – The Classic Duo

Our "For Sale" signs are not your average lawn decoration. They're designed to grab attention with a special number that lets folks text for more info right on the spot, making brochure boxes with paper flyers a thing of the past. Paper flyers can't be tracked, so we use our text code to follow up with prospective buyers.  It's all about making that first impression and getting them through the door.

4. Flyer Power

We waste no time getting professional, eye-catching flyers ready to show off your home. These aren't just any flyers; they're your home's resume, and we make sure they're everywhere – especially at our open houses.

5. Hello, Neighbors!

Who better to help choose their new neighbors than, well, the neighbors? We send out postcards to the neighborhood, ensuring everyone nearby knows your home is up for grabs. It's about creating a buzz right in your own backyard.

6. Your Home's Personal Webpage

Imagine a website dedicated entirely to showcasing your home. Pictures, virtual tours, the works – a digital showcase that lets buyers walk through your home without ever stepping foot inside (until they fall in love and absolutely have to see it in person, that is).

7. Social Media Buzz

We're not just talking about a post here and there. We go all out with videos and posts on Facebook and other platforms that can rack up views in the tens of thousands. In fact, our listing tours regularly get over 20,000 views each. We invest in making sure your home's story reaches as far and wide as possible – and trust me, we get creative with it.

Our Newsletter

With over 16,000 subscribers, our monthly newsletter is like the who's who of the housing market, featuring your property as the star of the show.

So, there you have it – a full-on marketing blitz designed to showcase your home to the world. We're here to make sure that when buyers are looking, they find you. And not just any buyers, but the right buyers. Let's make it happen!

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